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15 Ways to find peace within yourself

Unless and until there is peace with yourself, your world will never be a happy place to live. There has to be peace inside before there is peace outside. Here are 15 reasons why you aren’t feeling inner peace, and what you can do about them.

1. Eat a balanced diet

  • For those who missed it - carbohydrates - all carbohydrates - 'good' carbohydrates and 'bad' carbohydrates - are all broken into a glucose molecule - that's SUGAR - so it can be absorbed by the body.
  • A low carbohydrate, high fat, high protein diet will melt fat quickly and together with a nutrient-rich combination of berries, fruit, nuts etc will soon have you looking and feeling ten years younger.

2. Focus on the present instead of the past or the future

  • If you’re too worried about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future, you are not living your life in the present, which is reality.
  • Accept your mistakes and move on. You cannot change the course of history, so decide that you will try to do better in the future.
  • Forgive and forget (see 11.) as you are only hurting yourself—no pain is worth holding on to, as it will only affect your happiness, not theirs.

3. Banish your fears

  • Nothing lasts forever—from stress at your job to feelings and situations.
  • Focus on the timeline—if it’s hard now, realize and remember that it will not always be this way. This moment will pass, just like every other moment!

4. Put yourself on a self-care routine

  • Taking care of others should happen only after you take care of yourself.
  • Focus on the morning—what can you do to nurture yourself?
  • Fueling up on water, sitting in silence and meditating, eating a wholesome breakfast, and spending some time setting goals and reflecting are all great ways to take care of yourself!

5. Focus on your journey not about what others think

  • What others think and do has nothing to do with you.
  • Focus on your path and no one else’s in order to maximize your own happiness.
  • Do what you love, and nothing anyone can say will bother you.

6. Practice gratitude

  • Be grateful for all that the Universe has given you and you’ll find that your prosperity will increase.
  • It’s just a fundamental law of the Universe which you can use daily to improve your situation and self-esteem.

7. Stop feeling guilty

  • Guilt is a self destructive emotion and causes many physical and mental disorders such as depression.
  • Say the affirmation “I am NOT guilty” every day and every time you are feeling guilty. After all, we are all human and it’s not a crime to make a mistake.

8. Get yourself outdoors and exercise

  • Boost your inner peace with meditation, sailing, jogging, walking, rock climbing—anything that will get you out of the house and into nature.
  • Focus on the smells, sights and sounds of nature, and immediately have your energy and restored and life’s zest returned.

9. Kill the TV

  • Reality TV is mostly negative—cat-calling, gossip, and bad language. This doesn’t just bring a negative way of thinking into your life; it can influence you to act in similar ways.
  • Turn off the TV at least two hours before going to bed, and limit your TV watching to 2 hours a day—max. Replace that TV-watching time with reading, getting outdoors, going out to eat, etc.

10. Perfectionists are not happy chappies!

  • Seeking perfection is setting yourself up for failure—it limits your ability to enjoy the present moment, and takes away from what could be, such as opportunities for what a relationship has the potential to become.
  • Focus on the good in people, places and things. Let whatever happens, happen.

11. Forgive yourself and forgive others

  • Forgiveness is possible—anyone can be forgiven, as long as you forgive yourself first.
  • Focus on the ability you have to control the small things by taking good care of yourself every day and enjoying friends and family.
  • Set goals for the things you can’t quite control. Allow yourself time to grieve, then give gratitude for what you can control and let time do the rest.

12. Love yourself

  • When you want to be in love but are single, it can be frustrating—but all it takes is one moment to change it all around!
  • While you’re waiting for love, take control! Give yourself loving thoughts, and you’ll begin to attract love to your life.

13. Don’t take things personally

  • Nothing is personal, unless it comes from you.
  • For example, getting rejected by a publisher isn’t about you—it’s about them. Getting dumped by a lover is about them and even getting blamed by your boss is about them—it is about their expectations, needs, etc. …
  • Focus on what is personal—do whatever you need to do to make yourself content with who you are, and forget about the rest.

14. Stop reacting

  • When you react to anything and everything, you lose control.
  • Try to stay calm and centered, even though there may be chaos, if you are the one who doesn’t react, you have the power. Let the rest go.

15. Take action on what you can control

  • What things can you take action on that you haven’t?
  • Letting the world pass you by because you’re stuck not doing a thing? Take action, one small goal at a time. Focus on taking one step (washing the dishes, taking out the trash, etc.) and then begin to aim for larger goals.
  • Recognize when negative thoughts creep into your head and immediately change them to positive thoughts before they take hold and bring you down.

A few last words …

Inner peace is essential for a happy, fulfilled life. Whether you want to become more settled in your own skin, feel better about your accomplishments or avoid the blame game inside your own head, these 15 tips will surely get you there. Practice them regularly, and commit to thinking positive, self-affirming thoughts.